Riviera deep, mountain high Launch Project

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Last summer I took a walk in the Riviera and my travel feature appeared in the May issue of FRANCE Magazine. It was a journey of contrasts, from Michelin-starred dining overlooking the Med to lunching on a baguette while sat on a mountaintop and drinking from springs in medieval villages. The Riviera, but not always as we know it.

Climbing the last few perpendicular steps to the ruins of the castle at the top of the perched village of Ste-Agnès, we looked down to the glittering Mediterranean 800 metres below us. Having spent best part of a day trekking through lavender-scented landscapes to get here, it was hard to fathom that our starting point in the resort of Menton was just half an hour’s drive from here.
From this ancient village, with its narrow cobbled streets, we spied multi-million-dollar yachts in the bay. We were time travellers, crossing centuries in a day yet taking hours to cover mere miles; this is how it is to explore the Côte d’Azur on foot…