Dalcour Maclaren Launch Project

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Bicester-based chartered surveying firm Dalcour Maclaren needed copy for a new website that would communicate its strengths and specialist expertise as well as the company’s USP – that it acts exclusively for the utility and infrastructure sector. The fact that Dalcour Maclaren offers a wide range of services coupled with its collaborate ethos – all staff members have a role to play in helping the company grow – made this a multi-faceted project, involving interviews with many of the staff about all aspects of working for the company. Together they told the story of this successful, innovating company, what it does well and what makes it so strong. Despite knowing very little about infrastructure projects before I took this job (I couldn’t have imagined the amount of planning and development that goes into building a bypass road),  I enjoyed learning about the work of Dalcour Maclaren, communicating the directors’ ambitious and telling the story of an innovative approach to running a company where everyone’s voice is heard and everyone moves forwards together.